Voices sound robotic

Modified on Wed, 22 Mar 2023 at 03:51 PM

We do our best to tweak all voices to perfection and we constantly improve each voice.

All the voices from Revoicer are AI Neural voices. They are as close to human sounding as possible.

When generating a voice-over, if you simply paste a long text, and add no punctuation marks, no pauses, and you don't tweak the text a bit, there is a chance that your final voice-over won't sound as good as you want.

Let me give you a short example. If you enter the text right here with no punctuation marks:
Hey there I'm Axel and I can enumerate emphasize words and change my volume.

The audio won't sound as good as you expect it to sound.

Now if we tweak the text a bit, add punctuation marks, like commas, exclamation marks and suspension points, even if normally you won't add them, following the normal grammar use, then the voice over will sound a lot better:
Hey there! I'm Axel, and I can enumerate, emphasize words, and change my volume!

The difference between the 2 text blocks will be major. The second one will sound more natural. So try to make sure you add punctuation marks and your final voice over will sound a lot better.
And don't forget, at the end, try to add a background music to your voice over. The final result will be perfect!

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